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[IDD #HPT-985091]: NEXRAD2 concatenating with l2assemble.py


-metadata is required to run the script, but none of that content ends up be 
written in the output file...unless it needs to generate the header. The amazon 
system is running with -g as well, so this shouldn't be a source of problem.

The only cause I can think of is that your feed is dropping some data chunks 
somewhere along the way (or technically the amazon feed could drop some that 
you guys aren't). Are your files consistently different, or just sometimes?

Can you send me one of the files that doesn't match?


> I managed to get the script working/formatting data. However, I want to
> have the *exact *same data as Amazon. Unfortunately the data files my feed
> is producing do not have the same hash structure as the comparable Amazon
> files (as checked with md5sum).
> I was thinking the "-metadata" flag in the example pqact file you shared
> with me might be the issue, but I was unable to run my feed without this
> flag. Other than this I was thinking "-g" (generate a header) might be the
> reason for the different hash structure.
> Do you have any idea what might be making the difference?

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