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[IDD #HPT-985091]: NEXRAD2 concatenating with l2assemble.py


Here's the reply I sent on 29 January (maybe it got sent to spam?):


Yes, the script will assemble the chunks together in the proper order (and
goes through a lot to try to make sure it waits for them all). You can
write out the bzipped chunks concatenated together, or you can have the
chunks decompressed and compress the whole file with gzip or bz2.

Here's an example pqact:

# ---------------------------------
# - NEXRAD Level II Radar WSR-88D -
# ---------------------------------
PIPE -metadata
/opt/ldm/ldm-alchemy/l2assemble.py -v -t 960 -d
-g -p "{0.dt:%%Y/%%m/%%d}/{0.site}" -n
-f gz --threads 20

This puts all data under /data/ldm/pub/native/radar/level2, arranges data
using subirectories like 2016/01/29/KDMX and names the gzipped files as

Many of these options have sensible defaults and don't need to be given.
Running l2assemble.py -h should give help on most of these options.


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