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[IDD #LZQ-171174]: error receiving GFS 0.5 degree files via LDM

Hi Russ, 

Have not heard back from you, did this "solve" the problem?

Hope so!


> Hi Russ,
> Apologies for the delay, our e-support is down, so I am responding via
> personal e-mail :)
> Yes, it appears as if this is the issue. Your queue is too small to handle
> your ingest volume.
> Please check to see what kind of RAM you have available on the LDM machine.
> You can run:
> cat /proc/meminfo
> ..to see what is on the machine (should work for any linux machine)..or
> find out using whatever you use to determine RAM space :)
> Then increase it by as much as you can and still have what is needed for
> other users on that machine.
> You will then edit the file "registry.xml", and will edit the following
> line:
> <queue>
> <path>/opt/ldm/var/queues/ldm.pq</path>
> <size>15000000000</size>                     <----- this one = 15 GB
> <slots>default</slots>
> queue size. Leave slots as default, just edit the "size" field to as big as
> you can and still have a happy system :)
> An ldmadmin stop, ldmadmin delqueue, ldmadmin mkqueue -f, ldmadmin start
> commands (in that order) will then need to be issued to get the change in
> place.
> This will get you more queue size and hopefully not have products drop out
> of the queue, as was happening.
> Please let me know if you have any questions,
> Jeff

Jeff Weber
Unidata User Support

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Ticket ID: LZQ-171174
Department: Support IDD
Priority: Emergency
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