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[IDD #LZQ-171174]: error receiving GFS 0.5 degree files via LDM

> Hello IDD support!

Hi Russ, 

We were seeing this on one of our non-production machines. We found our queue 
size was too small and we were dropping products.

Please run:

pqmon as ldm on your ldm machine, and see what comes back.

Most interested in the "age" field, and this would be most informative if run 
while the GFS is coming in...or as I have found, about 2.5 hours after synoptic 
time. So maybe run this, nowish..or preferably around 2:30 this afternoon.

> I’ve noticed a strange behavior with our 0.5-degree GFS GRIB2 files that we 
> bring in via our LDM.  I use these files to initialize some real-time WRF 
> forecasts at 00Z.  Over the last few weeks, numerous times the files in 
> between the 60-72 hr forecast end up missing a bunch of fields, and then this 
> causes problems for using them with WRF.  (I haven’t taken the time to 
> inspect which fields are missing or if they are the same fields each day, but 
> could do so if it would help.)  It’s always one or more of the files between 
> 60 and 72 hours that cause the problems.  Attached is a screen grab of an ‘ls 
> -l’ from last night’s run — you can see that the 69-hr and 72-hr forecast 
> files are smaller than the others.
> I have to suspect that it’s not a general issue with the GFS, or there would 
> be lots of complaints and it probably would’ve been fixed by now.  So it 
> might either be something with our LDM, or with the particular type of GFS 
> files we’re trying to pull in.  It seems to have happened in roughly half of 
> the 00Z runs over the last couple weeks (some days the files are all there 
> just fine).  I’m a bit perplexed and wonder if there’s something I can look 
> for to try to fix it.  Thanks much for any help you can provide!
> Russ

> --
> Russ S. Schumacher
> Assistant Professor
> Department of Atmospheric Science
> Colorado State University
> e-mail: address@hidden
> phone: 970.491.8084
> web: http://www.atmos.colostate.edu/faculty/schumacher.php

Let's start with this diagnostic, and move forward from there :)


Jeff Weber
Unidata User Support

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