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[IDD #KVP-682832]: IDD / LDM Connection Request

Hi Don,

I apologize for the tardiness in our reply.  We have been moving our
web server to a new machine, and this has had undesired side effects
that we are in the process of fixing.

> We have installed the LDM for the first time and are ready to test
> receiving data:
> Site Name: U. S. Naval Academy
> Site Administrator: Don Garner / (Alex Davies - Use Coordinator)
> Email Address: address@hidden   (address@hidden - Use Coordinator)
> Phone Number: 410-293-6471  (410-293-6565 - Use Coordinator)
> Fully Qualified Hostname:  edmaps.usna.edu
> Desired Feeds: ANY  /  FT0 | FT1 | FT2 | ... | FT31
> The physical server will change to a newer system, but plans are to keep
> the same host name.

There is no forward DNS for the machine you list:

/home/yoksas% nslookup edmaps.usna.edu

** server can't find edmaps.usna.edu: NXDOMAIN

Without knowing your machine's IP address, we test to see if reverse DNS
is available for your machine.

Please send us your LDM machine's IP address, and please contact your
networking folks to have them setup both forward and reverse DNS for
your machine.  Once this is working, we will ALLOW your LDM to REQUEST
any/all of the feeds available on the top level IDD relay that we
maintain, idd.unidata.ucar.edu.

> Regards,
> Don Garner (US Naval Academy; address@hidden; 410-293-6471)


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