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[IDD #VBT-248750]: "Do You Want GFS 0.25-Degree Model Output in CONDUIT?" Survey

> Hi,

Hello Hiro, 
> In regards to your survey "Do You Want GFS 0.25-Degree Model Output in 
> CONDUIT?" that closed on March 20, 2015, have you made any 
> announcements/decisions regarding it?

No official announcement yet...but the response was positive, we are building 
capacity at our top level relay nodes to be able to handle 
the additional volume.

> Also, one of the commenters suggested adding GFDL and HWRF to the CONDUIT 
> feed during the tropical season.  Have you considered it, and if so, any 
> announcements/decisions regarding it?

It is a great idea, and we are considering it....there are greater logistical 
issues at play for the output from HWRF and GFDL than the already established 
"channels" for NCEP GFS delivery.

We will formally announce all/any changes on our website and our mailing 
lists...if you are not subscribed, it would be a good thing to do.

These will be announced on Community and LDM-users mailing lists.

To subscribe, please visit:


Sorry for no immediate result, but we are close :)



> Thanks!
> Hiro

Jeff Weber
Unidata User Support

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