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[IDD #RNR-214402]: Eligiblity to use LDM and IDD network

> Hello,

Hi Jacob, 
> My name is Jacob Wolf and I work for the Idaho Department of Environmental 
> Quality.  I wanted to confirm as to with we would be able to utilize LDM and 
> IDD with GEMPAK/NTL to display NOAA data.  I understand that certain products 
> would not be available to me as I am not affiliated with a higher education 
> place of learning.

What "kind" of NOAA data are you hoping to ingest and display? All GOES 
imagery, ship and buoy reports, surface obs, etc..
are easily ingested/available via the IDD/LDM and are easily displayed in 

As are all the model output from NCEP...

> Secondly, if we are able to do so, I wanted to see if you had any 
> recommendations for disk space requirements.

That would depend greatly on what data you wish to ingest and how long you wish 
to keep it, if we knew more about this we could give you a more informed 

Hopefully this is enough to seed the conversation further :)
> Thank you in advance for your help,
> --
> Jacob Wolf
> Air Quality Meteorologist
> Idaho Department of Environmental Quality
> 1410 North Hilton
> Boise, ID 83706
> Phone: 208-373-0480

Jeff Weber
Unidata User Support

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