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[IDD #PZS-945807]: HRRR data on IDD/LDM


Your LDM is probably working. Assuming you have some REQUEST entries in your 
LDM configuration-file ("etc/ldmd.conf"), you can verify that the LDM is 
working with the command "ldmadmin watch".

> Hi
> I just uninstalled and install the LDM and this is what I have gotten.
> Does this mean that the LDM is working ok?
> [ldm@nfieall3 ~]$ /home/ldm/bin/ldmadmin mkqueue
> [ldm@nfieall3 ~]$ /home/ldm/bin/ldmadmin start
> The product-queue is OK.
> Checking pqact(1) configuration-file(s)...
> /home/ldm/etc/pqact.conf: syntactically correct
> Checking LDM configuration-file (/home/ldm/etc/ldmd.conf)...
> Starting the LDM server...
> Thanks,
> Marcelo
> --
> --
> Marcelo Somos Valenzuela, Ph.D.
> The University of Texas at Austin
> Environmental and Water Resources Engineering
> Phone: +1-512-657-9017
> Skype: masomos

Steve Emmerson

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Ticket ID: PZS-945807
Department: Support LDM
Priority: Normal
Status: Closed