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[IDD #PZS-945807]: HRRR data on IDD/LDM


> This is what I get with ldmadmin watch, not sure what it means
> [ldm@nfieall3 ~]$  /home/ldm/bin/ldmadmin watch
> (Type ^D when finished)

The empty output from "ldmadmin watch" means that no data-product was received 
during the time the command executed. I don't know how often data-products 
matching your REQUEST entry are produced.

> I have an entry in the ldmd.conf:  request CONDUIT ".0p50."
> idd.unidata.ucar.edu

Be advised that the periods in the pattern field of your REQUEST entry mean any 
character and not a period.

> Also I want to save the files so I added these lines in the
> /home/ldm/etc/pqact.conf
> file
> ^data/nccf/com/.*gfs.t[0-9][0-9]z.(pgrb2.0p50).*!(grib2)/[^/]*/(SSIGFS|GFS)/#([^/]*)/([0-9]{8})([0-9]{4})(F[0-9]..)/([^/]*)/.*!
> (......)
> FILE    -overwrite      -log    -close  -edex
> /work/data/\5_\6Z_\7_\8-(seq).\1.\2.%Y%m%d

"-edex"? Are you running an AWIPS-II system?

> Originally the second of these lines was:  FILE    -overwrite      -log
> -close  -edex   /awips2/data_store/grib2/\5_\6Z_\7_\8-(seq).\1.\2.%Y%m%d
> I changed the folder in which I want to save the data, Is that correct?

I'm not sure what you're asking. You certainly did change the output directory.

> Thanks,
> Marcelo
> --
> --
> Marcelo Somos Valenzuela, Ph.D.
> The University of Texas at Austin
> Environmental and Water Resources Engineering
> Phone: +1-512-657-9017
> Skype: masomos

Steve Emmerson

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