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[IDD #ZGF-708685]: Unable to connect to Unidata LDM

Hi Keith,

> The brief way to describe this is that I am currently a junior in high
> school, I was using the IDD for a project awhile back for my
> environmental science class regarding severe thunderstorms and what
> NWS WFOs/SPC uses to forecast them.

OK, that is what folks around here remembered about your original request
for a feed.

> I am have been using the LDM to
> boost my education because what I really want to go to college for
> Meteorology, Systems administration, or software development. I am
> currently beta testing AWIPS II and reporting the bugs I find to
> Michael James and I was using the Azure server that was provided but
> that is no longer in commission.  In the next two years, I plan to
> attend PSU or Rutgers program for meteorology.
> I believe I am contributing to the Unidata community by help beta
> testing AWIPS II and reporting the bugs and errors that I find and I
> am also beginning to work on some of the code myself as I am
> continuing myself in learning Java.
> It would be amazing, if you guys would be able to help me continue in
> the path of my education by providing the data it would really mean
> alot.

Unfortunately, we will not be able to continue to feed you indefinitely.
The reality we face is that there are literally hundreds if not
thousands of users that would like LDM/IDD feeds of real-time data from
us, and we are not funded to provide this service beyond the '.edu'
community.  We (Michael James) have appreciated your input on AWIPS II
and hope that it can continue into the future.  As far as there again
being an EDEX server open that sites like you could feed non-operationally
from, we are hoping to secure another grant that would allow us to
reconstitute an EDEX server in a public cloud in the not too distant future.

We are willing to keep ALLOWing your feed REQUESTs for a short time so
that you can see if there is another site willing/able to feed you.  Since
you mentioned that you are interested in attending either Rutgers or Penn
State, it would seem appropriate that you contact the LDM/IDD administrators
at these sites to see if they would be willing to provide the feeds that you

Another other option that you may want to pursue is establishing your
own NOAAPort ingest capability.  The code needed to ingest the NOAAPort
channels is bundled with the LDM, and you seem to already have experience
using an LDM, so that will not be a big challenge.  The items you would
need to acquire are:

- a sufficiently sized C-Band satellite dish
- a high quality LNB (we use the Norsat 3120)
- an appropriate DVBS-2 receiver (almost everyone ingesting NOAAPort uses a
  Novra S300N)

If where you live is anything like it is here in Colorado, old satellite dishes
can be had for very little to no money if one is willing to remove the dish
from the owner's property. Installing a dish will require some concrete work for
the footer since the installation will need to be able to withstand wind 
Norsat 3120 LNBs can be found used on eBay, but it is likely that you would have
to purchase the S300N directly from Novra.  We can provide more information
on establishing NOAAPort ingest capability if you are interested in pursuing
this option.


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