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[IDD #PZS-945807]: HRRR data on IDD/LDM

> Hello
Hi Marcelo, 

This is Jeff, we met in Tuscaloosa...

> I am contacting you to ask what would be the best way to get HRRR data
> hourly through IDD/LDM. This is for a project lead by CUAHSI (
> https://www.cuahsi.org/NFIE) and  NWS, in which we are planning to run
> NCAR's WRF-Hydro software for the cont US.

Yes, aware of this plan :)

> The parameters we need are
> Incoming Short Wave Radiation (W/m2)
> Incoming Long Wave Radiation (W/m2) (I UNDERSTAND THAT THIS IS NOT
> Specific Humidity                (Kg/Kg)
> Air Temperature                  (K)
> Surface Pressure                 (Pa)
> Near surface widn in the u and v components, (m/s)
> Liquid water precipitation       (mm/s)

Marcelo, I suspect that we can derive Long Wave by subtracting short wave from 
Net....double checking that net radiation at surface is a parameter, but pretty 
sure it is.

> Also I wonder if you have MRMS precipitation data available.

We will have it, NSSL (Nat'l Severe Storms Lab) has brought down the feed for a 
bit, we expect it to be back in time for NFIE
spring/summer workshop...I will keep on that schedule and keep you up to date.

> Currently we are using THREDDS service to get the data (
> http://thredds-jumbo.unidata.ucar.edu/thredds/catalog/grib/HRRR/CONUS_3km/surface/catalog.html);
> however, we understand that GSD THREDDS is an experimental system that can
> change in any moment and we need an operational system to rely on.

Yes, we are getting both the "operational" HRRR (surface fields) via the 
AND the experimental HRRR (all levels) from NOAA ESRL/GSD...this is what is on 
thredds-jumbo currently.

I am working on this to insure stability and consistency during the NFIE 
campaign, I will have more definitive info as we get into next week re the GSD 
HRRR and the NSSL MRMS feeds...

I am in contact with the NOAA people to see if they can freeze modifications 
during the NFIE campaign and minimize downtime...

They are currently doing a major post-processing re-do, so hopefully that will 
be the last big change for awhile and provide us stability for NFIE.



> Thank you,
> --
> --
> Marcelo Somos Valenzuela, Ph.D.
> The University of Texas at Austin
> Environmental and Water Resources Engineering
> Phone: +1-512-657-9017
> Skype: masomos

Jeff Weber
Unidata User Support

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