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[IDD #DZN-544812]: trying to get NAM218 grib2 on pqact.conf

Hi Sen,

Thanks for providing the access information to the SJSU LDM machine.
I just logged on and found that there was no REQUEST for the NGRID
feed, so I added one.

I also found that there were a number of feed REQUESTs that were
conflicting with each other.  I took the liberty of commenting
out the ones that would (and probably were) cause problems and
then restarted the LDM.  I verified that NGRID data is now being
received, so we will just have to wait a bit for the 218 grids
to show up on your disk.


I noted that there are GEMPAK pattern-action file actions that
will also process model output in the NGRID feed.  By me turning
on the REQUEST for NGRID, your machine will not only receive more
data, it will also do more data processing/decoding.  Because of
this, you will need to keep an eye on disk usage and potentially
adjust data scouring so you do not run out of disk space.


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