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[IDD #XEC-580619]: IDD Peering request from Unidata

Hi Mike,

Sorry for the slow response.  I took the weekend off...

> Long time since we have spoke, hope you have been doing well!  Fondly
> remember the early days of you sending me floppies of MCIDAS OS/2 disks
> for our 286 "workstation" at UNCC :)

Those were the _OLD_ days alright :-)

> Anyway, reason for my email. I am currently getting an IDD feed of
> most of the Unidata feed types including NEXRAD2, from a couple of edu
> sites. I am relocating to a new brand new datacenter and will have to
> disassemble my NOAAPORT receive system for a period while we relocate.

OK, so it appears that you are using IDD feeds as a backup for the feeds
that come in on NOAAPort and as primaries for the feeds that are not
available in NOAAPort (e.g., NEXRAD2).

> I wanted to know if we could setup a peering arrangement with you all/UCAR
> directly?

Permanently, or for a short amount of time while your NOAAPort receive
system is out of action?  We (Unidata Program Center) typically do not feed
non-.edu sites directly unless there is a measurable benefit to the
Unidata community as a whole.

> Our latency at times lately, especially with NEXRAD2 has been
> high. We currently have a 1gb/s internet connection to multiple tier
> 1 backbone providers. We are located in a SAS 70 II data center with
> redundant UPS/generator backups and have LDM on separate HP servers in
> Vsphere with Vmotion.  So that said, our uptime is very high.

What .edu site are you feeding from currently?  It could be that your
high latencies could be reduced by either switching who your upstream
feed site(s) are, or by assiduous splitting of your feed REQUESTs.

> We can be an upstream provider for 2-3 sites depending on their network
> topology and feed size.
> Let me know your thoughts.

Again, it depends on if you are looking for a permanent feed or if you
are looking for stopgap measure during your move.

> Thanks again for all your help over the years.

No worries.  I trust you are doing well also!


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