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[IDD #WMT-338636]: Upstream Data Feeds

Hi Tim,

> We contacted our ITS department and told them about the DNS and having a
> different IP name come up when you did the nslookup. They went ahead and
> took care of it on Friday and said it should take up to a day to work
> through the system. So, it should be ready to test.

OK, thanks.  I just tested forward and reverse DNS for the machine.  Here
are my results:

% nslookup

Non-authoritative answer:      name = mi-rm201a-03l.sdsmt.edu.

% % nslookup mi-rm201a-03l.sdsmt.edu

** server can't find mi-rm201a-03l.sdsmt.edu: NXDOMAIN

This says that there is no forward DNS for mi-rm201a-03l.sdsmt.edu.

> Also, in talking with my adviser about the Bandwidth issues, he said
> instead what we need to do is get the NEXRAD level 2 data from only a few
> key sites. (Rapid City, SD, Aberdeen, SD, etc.)

Very good.  This will cut down on the bandwidth used.

> After you test and confirm the IP address and DNS, can I get this data via
> the REQUEST sites you gave in your last email?


Even though there is no forward DNS for mi-rm201a-03l.sdsmt.edu, you
should be good to go to REQUEST data.  The reason is that the IP address
is sent in REQUESTs, and the name associated with it is ascertained
and used when seeing if there is an ALLOW for the host doing the
REQUEST.  It would still be a good idea to follow-up on the forward
DNS, however.

To test to see if you have access to the three top level relays that
I noted in my previous email, you should run the following:

<as 'ldm' on mi-rm201a-03l.sdsmt.edu>

notifyme -vl- -f ANY -h idd.tamu.edu
notifyme -vl- -f ANY -h idd.meteo.psu.edu
notifyme -vl- -f ANY -h idd.unidata.ucar.edu

Success (meaning that there is an ALLOW for your machine) will
look something like:

$ notifyme -vl- -f ANY -h idd.tamu.edu
Aug 04 00:09:19 notifyme[29282] NOTE: Starting Up: idd.tamu.edu: 
20140804000919.142 TS_ENDT {{ANY,  ".*"}}
Aug 04 00:09:19 notifyme[29282] NOTE: LDM-5 desired product-class: 
20140804000919.142 TS_ENDT {{ANY,  ".*"}}
Aug 04 00:09:19 notifyme[29282] INFO: Resolving idd.tamu.edu to 
took 0.073095 seconds
Aug 04 00:09:19 notifyme[29282] NOTE: NOTIFYME(idd.tamu.edu): OK

The "NOTIFYME(idd.tamu.edu): OK" is the return that will let you know that
there is an ALLOW.  You will need to run each 'notifyme' invocation in-turn
to make sure that all of the top levels will ALLOW your REQUEST(s)

> Thanks so much!

No worries.

NB: I think that we will likely need to discuss the process for reassembling
the NEXRAD Level II pieces into a full volume scan.  Let's revisit this,
if needed, after data flow to your machine has been established.


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