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[IDD #WMT-338636]: Upstream Data Feeds

Hi Tim,

> In getting the ldm configuration files set up, we have run into some issues
> with syntax and quite frankly, I am confused on some of the files.

OK.  What is your confusion?

> One of my advisers is working with me on getting them set up and she
> suggested that we might be able to make this more efficient via phone call.

We prefer to do support via email as it allows us to leverage the support
to one person to better support everyone ... meaning that the emails
that we send in response to questions are HTMLized and then put into
a location where web robots can crawl them.  The questions/answers will
then show up in web searches that allow users with similar problems to
get support without having to send us email and waiting for a reply.
The information that gets transferred in phone calls can not be (easily)
shared with the community as a whole.


> Would you be willing to be reached via phone for a short time tomorrow
> between 1 and 2 pm mountain time?
> If not but contact via phone is still okay, when would be a good time for
> you?

We would much rather that the problems can be solved in email exchanges
so that others can benefit.

> If a phone call won't work, then can I discuss our issues with the files
> with you via email?

Sure, just continue to send your emails that are related to the same topic
to the email address you sent this email to, address@hidden.
Please remember to include the Ticket ID in subsequent emails if/when
the topic under discussion is the same.  If a new topic comes up, please
do not include the Ticket ID; this will result in a new ticket being
created in our inquiry tracking system.

If exchanges of emails do not work for some reason, then we can talk
by phone.  Let's try the email route until we succeed or there is an
impasse for some reason.


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