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[IDD #TJZ-904221]: castor.rcac.purdue.edu upgrade

Hi Don,

Sorry for taking so long to get back to you...

> I have attached the output of "ldmadmin config".

What I see from this listing is that your LDM queue size is the default
which is 500 MB.  Since castor relays NEXRAD2 data, this is too small
since the queue residency time for products is low.  I recommend that
you increase your queue size to something larger, but exactly how large
depends on how much physical RAM is installed in the machine and what
other things it is doing other than gather and relay NEXRAD2 data.

For instance, if castor is only collecting and relay NEXRAD2 data
I would setup the queue size like this:

RAM     LDM queue size
8 GB    6 GB
16 GB   12-14 GB

> I have also attached a copy of /var/log/messages.

If the LDM log file does not exist or is not being updated,
you need to work on configuring your system to correctly
log.  This way LDM log messages will not be put into
/var/log/messages and will be viewable by a non-'root'

> I'm not sure if I see anything abnormal in it.

I don't see anything obvious, but it would be easier to review
the LDM-related log messages if LDM logging were working.  I
can help you get this working if I knew more about your machine
(e.g., OS, if you are using syslogd/rsyslogd, etc.)

> Thanks!

No worries.


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