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[IDD #DLW-777823]: Problems with LDM NLDN configuration

Hi Brian,

> Should we try to eliminate the middleman of metofis? It is 8 years
> old and unmaintained.

This seems like a good move given the machine's age and lack of
attention.  I would strongly suggest that the plug not be pulled
until weather.rsmas.miami.edu is fully up and running as desired,

Talking about weather...  I installed the latest version of both LDM and
McIDAS on the machine yesterday.  I also installed Tomcat6 (which is
included in a yum repository for CentOS) and started configuring it
late in the afternoon.  I will be returning to installation/configuration
activities off and on during the day today.


- did you save off the LDM configuration files before wiping weather?

  Given our phone discussions, I am assuming that the objective is to
  setup weather just like our motherlode server (motherlode.ucar.edu),
  and this would include ingesting and processing the same set of data
  that motherlode does.  The only potential problem with this is that
  motherlode basically ingests and processes _everything_ that is
  available in the IDD.  The volume of data currently is on the order
  of 12 GB/hr input average with peaks that exceed 20 GB/hr.  Given
  that weather is an older machine, it may not be able to cope with
  the sheer volume of data that is available via the IDD.

  The other thing is that motherlode runs the full suite of GEMPAK
  decoding.  If you/UMiami are not going to be doing anything with
  GEMPAK, it would seem unwise to process all of the data in the
  IDD for GEMPAK use.

Musing about the above:  I think I will start off by processing all
of NOAAPort data first.  This excludes processing of the high resolution
NCEP model output in the CONDUIT datastream and the full volume scan
radar data in the NEXRAD2 datastream.  Please let me know if you
agree or disagree with this approach.


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