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[IDD #DLW-777823]: Problems with LDM NLDN configuration

Hi Brian,

> metofis will not be unplugged but is aging untended (amazingly gracefully...)

OK.  This provides a bit of breathing room.

> To make firewall openings for weather, our systems people need a list of
> 1. Ports and Targets


  80 - webserver or THREDDS
  22 - ssh
 112 - McIDAS ADDE
 388 - LDM
8080 - RAMADDA

Targets?  What exactly do you mean?  If you mean specific hosts that will
be able to connect to the ports above, I was assuming/hoping that RSMAS
would be playing a role where it could serve data to other Unidata
sites.  To do this, all ports except 22 and 388, would need to be open
to the world.

> 2. Protocols (UDP or TCP)

McIDAS ADDE, LDM, THREDDS and RAMADDA are all UDP.  I assume that SSH
is as well.

> 3. sending or receiving? (how does LDM work?)

To serve data to other sites (ADDE, RAMADDA, THREDDS, LDM), the ports
would need to be open to inbound requests.

> I know I need port 8080 for the RAMADDA.
> The rest I don't know.


re: did you save off the LDM configuration files before wiping weather?

> Nope, gone, sorry. Oops

No big worries especially since you really want to redo the setup.

re: objective is to setup weather just like our motherlode?

> Sure, and with a nice long rolling archive (like 3 mos) ideally.
> Capacity permitting. (and we will replace it with a new machine when
> or Unidata ship comes in, so dream big, right?).

The amount of disk space on weather right now is _not_ enough to keep
3 months of all data.  As a comparison, motherlode has 10 TB of disk
and as the data volumes increase it routinely is over 90% full. When
this happens we decrease the number of days of data we keep available.
We are down to less than one month for model and radar data (in fact,
it is currently 20 days).

re: 12 GB/hr input average with peaks that exceed 20 GB/hr in the IDD

> Will these numbers scare our firewall or network people,

Perhaps.  These numbers are "healthy".

> or just
> me the weather machine person?

The IDD datastreams contain LOTS of data.  Processing it all and making
it available by server technologies requires LOTS of disk space and
fast processors.  Being scared of the numbers I quoted is reasonable,
but just remember that they are certainly going to go UP from here.

> If just the machine, then when we get a new one
> we will want it all and let's set it up aggressively now, then comment out a
> few things temporarily for the current machine's weaknesses.


> I hope a lot of your setup work will transfer seamlessly to a new machine?

It should.

> As an image even, or will we have to rebuild it all within a new system?

It is always best to build software distributions on the machine(s) that
they are going to run on.  This is not the case for things like THREDDS
and RAMADDA which are instantiated in Java war files.

re: GEMPAK decoding?
> Sounds good, turn off the decoding into GEMPAK format.


> Or is that what we will want for AWIPS-II when it comes along?

No, AWIPS-II does its own thing (but it is supposed to be able to
use GEMPAK decoded files in the future).

> > Musing about the above:  I think I will start off by processing all
> > of NOAAPort data first.  This excludes processing of the high resolution
> > NCEP model output in the CONDUIT datastream and the full volume scan
> > radar data in the NEXRAD2 datastream.  Please let me know if you
> > agree or disagree with this approach.
> Sounds like a good start.


> Is there a big table somewhere of LDM's available streams and their sizes and 
> so on?

The best thing for volumes of IDD datastreams is to look at the real time stats
being reported by top level IDD relay nodes:

Unidata HomePage

  Projects -> Internet Data Distribution

    IDD Current Operational Status

      Statistics by Host

Look at uni14.unidata.ucar.edu, for example.


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