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[IDD #EBJ-284125]: LDM Feed Request

Hi Shawn,

> I am setting up my ldmd.conf file and am adding the REQUEST lines.  I
> think I have the general idea of how the REQUEST lines work,

Very good.  You can send along your ldmd.conf and pattern-action file(s)
(e.g., ~ldm/etc/pqact.conf, etc.) and we will be happy to take a look
to see if all looks good.

> although
> you stated that both CONDUIT and NEXRAD2 REQUESTS should be split into
> multiple REQUESTS for each feed type.

Actually, I said that the CONDUIT and NEXRAD2 feeds _may_ need to be split.
The first thing to try is making separate REQUESTs for CONDUIT and NEXRAD2,
monitoring data latencies and then deciding if the feed REQUEST needs to
be split.

> Also, may I also need to split NGRID and NEXRAD3?

I don't think that the NGRID feed will need to be split IF it requested
in a separate REQUEST line.  The same comment holds for the NEXRAD3

> Do you have any examples to demonstrate how I would
> go about splitting these feed requests?

Yes, but the first thing to try is requesting the high volume feeds
in their own REQUEST lines.

> Thanks!

No worries.


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