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[IDD #CCB-447316]: ldmadmin watch - for a EREGX

Hi Neil,

> Was interested in watching for a product queried by extended regular
> expression like a pqact syntax.
> I thought at one time that 'ldmadmin watch -f <FEEDTYPE>'  would also
> take a '-p' with EREGX.  I doesn't seem to work now at ldm 6.9.2.

'ldmadmin' never accepted the '-p' flag, but 'notifyme' does.

> Tried a feedme with the -h & -p but can't see that either.
> I'm just wanting to watch METAR on the WMO feedtype come in to the
> local ldm.
> What command and EREGX should I use?

'notifyme'.  The beauty of using 'notifyme' is that you can monitor
the availability on the upstream site feeding you and/or on your
own machine.

Please review 'man notifyme' for more information.


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