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[IDD #GOR-261226]: Testing new ldm install

Hi Angel,

> All seems good now, I'm getting fed from Unidata and Wisconsin.

Please note that I did _not_ make any changes to the real server
backends of idd.unidata.ucar.edu or on the machine idd.ssec.wisc.edu.
I was waiting to hear back from you wrt:

>> Posted on: 20130217.0900 MST
>> We started seeing name server issues this morning so it might be
>> on our side. I'll keep you informed.

before doing anything else.

FYI: I sent Mike off a note yesterday letting him know about the
weird DNS situation (IP->name resolved on some idd.unidata.ucar.edu
cluster nodes and not others).  He ran the same test and found that
the set of cluster nodes where the reverse DNS worked had changed.
His observation that the situation was transitory and we should
wait to see what you found with DNS at your site.

> As always, thanks for the help.

No worries.

So, how do you like North Carolina after living in Miami for all
of those years!?


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