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[IDD #DSM-778794]: LAMP product feed change

Hi Jim,

> I talked to the LAMP developers, because I originally thought it was a problem
> at the source, and they say the change happened exactly as planned on the 
> 17th.
> So it is a bit of a mystery why the feed type change happened a day later. I
> assume no NOAAport software was updated that day ?

There has been no update to the NOAAPort ingest code in quite a while.  Just so
you know, for a product to completely switch feed types in the IDD, a change
would have to occur on every machine feeding data into the IDD.  Currently
there are at least 8 different machines ingesting NOAAPort data and into the 

> Besides the usual SOH, ETX, CR, and LF characters, the only other binary 
> characters
> in the ASCII LAMP files are decimal 30, RS (record separator) at the start of 
> each
> site. That is the case before and after the change.


> The files are larger, but the
> size increased on the 17th not the 18th, from about 2.40MB to 2.55MB.
> Note that the entire ASCII LAMP message (FOUS11) comes in one large bulletin 
> of
> this size.

I don't think that there is a size test in the logic that determines
which feed a product should be associated with.  I will check to make sure,

> The BUFR data also increased in size at the same time, but these were always 
> in
> binary to begin with. You must have (had) some special logic to keep these on
> the DDPLUS feed. These also changed feed a day after the content change.

I agree, there must be logic that kept the product(s) in IDS|DDPLUS.

> Both the ASCII and BUFR products come in once per hour at the bottom of the 
> hour.
> I hope this helps, thank,

Thanks! Knowing the timing of the product arrivals will help me grab some so
I can see for myself what is tickling the ascii/binary switch in the NOAAPort
ingest code.


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