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[IDD #OAO-715926]: Upstream host for backup LDM

Hi Joseph,

re: I wrote that I am curious about:
> > - where the data ingested by the LDM is being written (either as raw
> >   obs or as the output of a decoder run from an LDM pattern-action file?
> >
> > - does your LDM instance relay to other machines/virtual machines?
> >
> >  If yes, how is the networking setup for and in the virtual machine?

> Our backup machine only writes the obs to raw data files on the local
> disk. It doesn't relay data to any other machine, but might to our primary
> machine if it's upstream hosts are unavailable.
> Our primary machine writes the obs to raw data files on the network drive,
> and also parses the MesoWest data files coming in on the EXP feed by
> PIPE'ing to a script. The decoded data is also written to files on the
> network. There are some downstream sites ALLOW'ed to connect, but only one
> is currently active: we provide the UNIDATA feed to ocs1.oce.orst.edu
> primarily for them to generate satellite pics using McIDAS. We don't
> distribute data to other local machines via LDM.
> Basically, the machines just capture data and that's about it. They do
> some data cleanup at the beginning of each month, but they are dedicated
> to LDM and don't run other non-related processes.

Thanks for the information!  Like I said, I was just curious about how you
have your LDM instances setup and if they were relaying data to downstream(s).

Thanks again...


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