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[LDM #XCE-177756]: Erroneous timestamps generated for surface data: LDM decoder issue?

Hello Frank, 

> Greetings:
> I apologize if this is the incorrect support address for my particular
> question....

No worries, it will find the right home :)

> We have recently installed ldm-6.10.1 and GEMPAK6.6.0.  We have some bugs
> to work out, but mostly things are working well.  However, I am having the 
> same
> problem with surface obs with these versions as I did with the
> previous.  Namely:
> 1. When I try to use GARP to look at metars, the list of "Available
> Times" contains
> some correctly named timestamps and then a bunch of crazy timestamps that have
> no data associated with them.  For example:
> 20120608/2000
> 2012682020
> 201120608240
> So, I am reading the garble correctly, it would appear that the
> program is trying to
> create three available times per hour (one every 20 minutes),
> something like this:
> 20120608/2000
> 20120608/2020
> 20120608/2040

This is correct, there are different "orders" of surface reporting stations.

First order report every twenty minutes, second order report hourly.

Note: GARP has not been supported for a LONG (10 + years) time :)

> However, the only file that every has data in it is the one that has
> the cleaner
> time stamp, such as:
> 20120608/2000

This has me thinking it is a decoder issue for GARP, do you also use GEMPAK?

How do the surface obs (METARS via data selector) look via NMAP2 or other 
surface GEMPAK app?

> Do you know......is this an ldm issue? A decoder issue?  A GARP issue?
> For what it is worth, it is only the metar data that hast his problem.

Can you please send along your ldmd.conf request lines for the IDS|DDPLUS 
feed..or the WMO feed if that is how 
you are configured for your METARS, and also the relevant (or total) pqact.conf.

We can then advise further if needed :)

> Thanks in advance.
> peace,
> Frank
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Jeff Weber
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