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[LDM #XCE-177756]: Erroneous timestamps generated for surface data: LDM decoder issue?

Hi Frank, 

> Also...to answer your comment regarding GARP.....Just one perspective....
> I teach the synoptic and weather analysis/forecasting courses here at
> U-Michigan.
> There are a number critical features of GARP (e.g., the model cross
> sections) that
> allow me to show the student the true structure of frontal zones using
> theta and
> theta-e.

Yes, the cross sections are a known favorite with GARP, NMAP2 still does not 
handle this as well
as GARP, but there are plans to remedy that in the longer term. A cross section 
is a Unidata requirement
for AWIPS2.

  Perhaps I simply have not explored NMAP2 enough, but the graphical
> resolution and features available with GARP seem far superior to NMAP.

Yes, some prefer GARP, I was asking about the NMAP2 interface to see if the 
data was being displayed 
correctly in NMAP2, not to persuade you to use it :)

If they show up and display well in NMAP2, then obviously it is not a decoder 
problem. Ok, we are able to reproduce here..took me a while to find and load up 
GARP. Your pqact.conf and ldmd.conf are correct. 

This appears to be a "GARP issue" that has found its way to become a bug. 
Unidata is no longer applying resources
to GARP, but a quick note to the "GEMBUD" e-mail list may find an answer.

If you are not subscribed to GEMBUD (need to be to post), please visit:


..to subscribe to "GEMBUD" and the post to the community

NMAP2 is pretty nice, and certainly has equal graphical resolution to GARP, but 
does still lack the 
handy "cross section" :) I hope AWIPS2 handles this better.



Jeff Weber
Unidata User Support

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