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[LDM #HFB-541734]: misssing NEXRAD2 and NEXRAD3 feed

Hi Dave,

> After a restart of my LDM yesterday, I am not getting any NEXRAD2
> or NEXRAD3 data.  The request lines in ldmd.conf are still there.
> The ldmd.log files do show that the feed is starting up correctly
> as shown below:
> May 03 17:41:51 twister idd.unidata.ucar.edu[8518] NOTE: Starting Up(6.10.1): 
> idd.unidata.ucar.edu:388 20120503164151.687 TS_ENDT {{NEXRAD3,  ".*"}}
> May 03 17:41:51 twister idd.unidata.ucar.edu[8522] NOTE: LDM-6 desired 
> product-class: 20120503164151.689 TS_ENDT {{NEXRAD2,  ".*"},{NONE,  
> "SIG=c12482520424822520a1c1da82f01558"}}
> Running notifyme against idd.uindata.ucar.edu does work.

It is _very_ weird that a 'notifyme' to idd.unidata.ucar.edu will shows
data, but your feed REQUEST is getting nothing!

> I am not sure what else to check.  Can you help me troubleshoot?

I checked the cluster node that is feeding your machine 
and I see your connections.  I am currently in the process of restarting the
LDM on that node to see if the problem you have reported clears up.


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Ticket ID: HFB-541734
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