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[IDD #XUT-980774]: Data Request

Hi David,

I apologize for taking so long to get back to you...

> Up until recently, we had been receiving NEXRAD Level II data (KLWX
> only) from NOAA's MAX servers.  These servers were shutdown permanently.
> I am writing to find out if we would be able to access the KLWX radar
> data from your site.

We can feed you the data via the LDM/IDD.  In order to do this, we need
the fully-qualified name of the machine running your LDM AND its IP
address.  We need both the name and IP address so we can verify that
there is both forward and reverse DNS for your machine.

> STAR (Science and Technology for Atmospheric Research) Institute is a
> non-profit research-oriented company that was formed from a project
> started in NCAR/RAL when the project sponsor required the addition of a
> classified component to the project.  Most STAR employees have a joint
> appointment with NCAR/RAL (including myself).  NCAR and STAR have had a
> partnership since STAR was setup that allows us to share technology with
> each other.

Thanks for the information.

> I understand that only your partner universities can access
> data from you, but I hope that our close relationship with NCAR will
> allow us a waiver for this requirement.

This restriction is not absolute.  We partner with other groups when
there is a measurable benefit to the Unidata community at-large.


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