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[IDD #XUT-980774]: Data Request

Hi David,

> The reply seemed pretty quick to me.

You are evidently used to support that is somewhat slower than Unidata's :-)

> That's great news that we will be able to get the data from you.

Yes, we are willing to feed you the Level II data for KLWX.

> Our server that is running the LDM is on a private network and its
> outbound traffic goes through a NAT.  It will look like the connection
> is coming from, but the server does not have a fully qualified
> domain name.  Will this be ok?  If not, I'll have to talk to our sys admin
> so see what we can do.

We would prefer that sites that forward AND reverse DNS exist for
sites we are feed.  The reason is so that the normal LDM ALLOW mechanisms
work without adjustment on our end (i.e., our ALLOW entries are typically 
made by fully-qualified hostname).  Please check with your system administrator
to see if this can be done.  Please check to see if this can be done.
Also, we would request that your machine report real time statistics back
to us.  This would require that outbound port 388 traffic be allowed
at your site.


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