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[IDD #IRS-671589]: Missing FIPSEV and FIPSLD products

Hi Minna,

> I am missing some FIPSEV and FIPSLD products.  For the 18UTC cycle run,
> I have currently received the 01-, 02-, 03-, 06-, and 09-hour forecasts
> for FIP and only have the 01-, 06-, and 09-hour forecasts for FIPSLD and
> FIPSEV.  Are there some issues associated with this morning's RUC to RAP
> migration?

We are not as familiar with the FIPS(EV|LV) products as we perhaps should


- Which datastream are the contained in?

  We see your comment about doing an 'ldmadmin watch -f WMO' below, but
  WMO is a compound feedtype:


  If the product is in the IDS|DDPLUS feed then it should be a text bulletin.
  If it is in the HDS datastream, then it should not be one of the products
  that is impacted by the RUC2 -> RAP transition

  However, if it is a product that is created from RUC/RAP model output, then
  it could be affected by the RUC2 -> RAP transition.

> Are you or anyone else also observing this?

We do not monitor the products in the IDD at this kind of level (too many to
do so for a single organization :-)  If I were you, I would send a note
to the address@hidden email list to see if others have noticed
the missing data.  Please do this _only_ after verifying that the product
is not one that comes in a special feed to RAL that is not generally available
in the IDD.  I say this because RAL receives LDM-delivered products from the
Aviation Weather Center (or, at least, they used to), and we have _no_
control over or knowledge of that/those feed(s).

> I'll continue doing an LDMADMIN watch on the WMO data feed.

When you see the product(s) in the 'ldmadmin watch' listing, please
let us know which feed it/the is/are in.


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