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[IDD #GRR-720502]: Satellite data feed

> Hi,

Hello Lotan, 

> My name is Lotan Chorev and I am the CTO of Nooly Technologies Ltd. (
> www.nooly.com).
> Nooly is a commercial company, developing a weather Nowcasting system.
> For our Nowcasting algorithms we require a 24/7 satellite data feed.

We are not 24/7, we are for research and eeducation and not considered 
We give best effort :)

> We currently require all bands of GOES East and GOES West CONUS data
> (including 4km and 1km Visible bands).
> We do not re-distribute the data, we only require to use the data in our
> algorithms.
> The THREDDS data server offers such a satellite feed (at
> http://motherlode.ucar.edu:8080/thredds/idd/satellite.html).
> We would like to use the feed for our Nowcasting system. The web-site (
> http://www.unidata.ucar.edu/projects/THREDDS/tech/TDS.html) asks to contact
> this e-mail for requesting regular access to large amounts of data from the
> data server.
Yes, our THREDDS server is designed to fill in gaps due to network or hardware 
for the Unidata university and research community. We DO NOT allow regular 
access by commercial entities, and would have to block offending IP's. We wish 
we could just "open it up" for everybody, but our resources are finite and we 
must serve our community as directed by the National Science Foundation.

That being said, there are creative ways to work around these issues :)

1) It does not appear as if you are in the US ( assumption based on tel number 
), if you are in the US, or have access to a location in the US with a machine, 
you could install your own NOAAPort ingest system
using our software for ingest, and any old 3 meter dish hanging around for the 
hardware. This would give you the full contents of the SBN (Satellite Broadcast 
Network) NOAAPort channels.

2) Locate a university that is willing to work with you, they can re-distribute 
the data if they desire and are generally more willing if there is a quid pro 

Please let me know if you desire any more info regarding these other options.



Jeff Weber
Unidata User Support

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