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[LDM #HFB-541734]: misssing NEXRAD2 and NEXRAD3 feed


> Ok this is weird.  I started to get the NEXRAD3 data (but not the NEXRAD2) 
> but I think I have more of a problem than I realized.  TheNEXRAD3 data is not 
> being processed by my pqact.conf file.
> While I can now see the NEXRAD3 entries via 'ldmadmin watch', I DO  NOT see 
> them when I run 'notifyme -vxl- - h localhost' !  I assume that the product 
> Is not making it to the queue?

Because an "ldmadmin watch" watches the queue, if it reports a product, then 
that product made it into the queue.

Try these two commands in separate command windows:

    ldmadmin watch -f NEXRAD3
    notifyme -vl- -f NEXRAD3

They should list the same products at about the same time.

Steve Emmerson

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Ticket ID: HFB-541734
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