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[IDD #QBK-381226]: access to NEXRAD/Level II radar data (LDM)

> Hello,

Hi Karen, 

> The ATEC group in RAL supports a number of weather-related US Dept of
> Defense projects.  Several of these projects/sites would like to get
> access to NEXRAD Level II radar data via the LDM.  These sites, which
> are all .mil, are currently receiving the data from RAL's LDM server;
> we would like to move them off of the internal RAL server.  Looking at
> Unidata's NEXRAD routing scheme:
> http://www.unidata.ucar.edu/software/idd/nexradFeed.html
> it appears that there are several 2nd level .mil routing sites.  I don't
> know if it would be possible to have ATEC's DOD projects connect to
> the Unidata LDM system (motherlode?).  If not, would it be possible
> to get contact information from you for the .mil sites in your list?
> (Since it might be much easier to connect .mil to .mil)

Yes, sometimes firewall restrictions do come into play...so a .mil to a .mil 
may make things easier.

Caveat! As you know, the LDM/IDD data feed is NOT operational and outages can 

We are exploring the options, more soon.
> Per the above referenced list, the .mil sites are:
> anvil.nrlmry.navy.mil
> kinison.navo.hpc.mil
> bodie.met.nps.navy.mil
> metoc.nmm.nrlmry.navy.mil
> Thank you!
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