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[IDD #OCT-589878]: LDM data

Hi Daniella,

> You're the best and the fast!

Not always so fast :-)

> My  fully qualified name is : dyn-188.geotec.coppe.ufrj.br.

Hmm... I see a different coppe.ufrj.br machine connecting to 
Here is a snippit from one of idd.unidata.ucar.edu nodes LDM log file:

Oct  1 17:35:19 uni8 atlanta.lamce.coppe.ufrj.br(feed[20429] NOTE: Starting 
Up(6.8.0/6): 20101001223527.061 TS_ENDT {{UNIWISC,  "GOES-13"}}, 
SIG=eebd404feeac80861762d1ad45365884, Primary

Given how we have ALLOWs setup on idd.unidata.ucar.edu, this tells me that
dyn-188.geotec.coppe.ufrj.br should be able to REQUEST data (and connect
with notifyme, etc.)

Interestingly, I also see that atlanta.lamce.coppe.ufrj.br is trying to request
data from idd.cise-nsf.gov, but this is not succeeding because the dataset
being requested, LIGHTNING, is not one that we can relay through the IDD --
LIGHTNING data is only available by point-to-point LDM connections between
SUNY Albany (for the NLDN lightning data) or WSI Corporation (for the
USPLN/NAPLN lightning data):

Oct  1 17:00:45 toomuch atlanta.lamce.coppe.ufrj.br[7865] WARN: Empty 
wanted/allowed product-class intersection for atlanta.lamce.coppe.ufrj.br: 
20101001200054.289 TS_ENDT {{LIGHTNING,  "USPLN1-ltg*"}} -> <nil>

By the way, this request for LIGHTNING data is causing a LOT of log messages
in the LDM log file for idd.cise-nsf.gov.  If you are the manager of
atlanta.lamce.coppe.ufrj.br, can you please stop requesting the LIGNTNING
data?  If you are not the manager of atlanta.lamce.coppe.ufrj.br, please find
out who is and ask him/her to stop requesting the LIGHTNING data.  Thanks
in advance...

> I could really appreciate your help.  I've tried some cron job but it didn't 
> work very well.

I assume you are talking about getting 1 km VIS satellite imagery.  If yes, 
open a new support inquiry by sending a new email to address@hidden

- which satellite you want the data from (e.g., GOES-East, GOES-West, 

- how often you want the data (full disk scans are every three hours; southern
  sector scans can be every 15 minutes, but the scanning schedule for GOES-East
  and GOES-West is governed by weather in the northern hemisphere)

- what areal coverage you are looking for (please remember that full disk images
  are HUGE)

- etc.


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