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[IDD #OCT-589878]: LDM data

Hi Daniella,

> I'm receiving UNIWISC products here but not from  idd.cise.nsf.gov.
> When I do a notifyme that's what I get:
> Oct 08 13:27:32 notifyme[942] NOTE: Starting Up: idd.unidata.ucar.edu: 
> 20101008132732.572 TS_ENDT {{ANY,  ".*"}}
> Oct 08 13:27:32 notifyme[942] NOTE: LDM-5 desired product-class: 
> 20101008132732.572 TS_ENDT {{ANY,  ".*"}}
> Oct 08 13:27:32 notifyme[942] INFO: Resolving idd.unidata.ucar.edu to 
> took 0.001535 seconds
> Oct 08 13:27:37 notifyme[942] ERROR: NOTIFYME(idd.unidata.ucar.edu): 7: 
> Access denied by remote server
> That's the same for idd.unidata.ucar.edu. What do I need to get authorization 
> for this sites?

Please send me the fully qualified name of your machine that is running the LDM.
I will verify that forward and reverse DNS exists for the machine, and then,
if it does, investigate why your 'notifyme' to idd.unidata.ucar.edu was denied.

> And about UNIWISC data: it's all 4km resolution.


> Can I get 1km resolution via LDM somewhere?  Can I get from NIMAGE feeds?

The only 1 km imagery available in the IDD is in the NIMAGE datastream.  
for you, the spatial coverage of those images does not extend into South 
so they are probably of limited use to you.  Also, the NIMAGE images have been 
into a conic projection, so the image values are slightly altered from the 
GOES scans.

> I saw 1km with Mcidas in EAST/SH, but LDM is a better way to
> get images.  

We agree that the LDM method of delivery is very nice.  Unfortunately, nobody 
I know of is making 1 km GOES VIS imagery available in this way.

I also think that getting the images using McIDAS ADDE (from EAST/SH, for 
is good.  I can help you setup a cron-initiated copy (a McIDAS IMGCOPY) of 1 km
VIS images from GOES-East and/or GOES-South (GOES-12) if you like.  Please let 
know if you would like to pursue this route for routinely getting high 
GOES imagery.

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