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[IDD #JHR-989766]: Assistance in becoming a Unidata user

Hi Jennifer,

> Is an update available regarding the setting up of our stream?
> Thank you for your help,

Oops, looks like I let this one fall through the cracks.  I saw your
previous note and assumed that things had been taken care of when I
saw it answered from our inquiry tracking system.  After reviewing
the transaction(s) you/your folks had with Jeff Weber, I see that things
were not finalized.

In looking through the emails from Cedrick Major, I see that the
machine does not have a name which is resolvable by DNS:

os: Linux


** server can't find PCMS.SJVAPCD.LOCAL: NXDOMAIN

Machines running the LDM and getting data from sites external to one's
local network need to have names for which there is forward and reverse
DNS.  In order to setup LDM ALLOWs for your feed requests, we need 
you/Cedrick/someone else to provide us with the:

1) fully qualified machine name that is externally resolvable by DNS
2) IP address of the machine

As soon as we have this information, we can setup your upstream feed
site (aeolus.ucsd.edu at UCSD) to ALLOW your feed requests.


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Ticket ID: JHR-989766
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