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[IDD #UUK-983031]: help needed

Hi Heath,

> I apologize....You are getting way past my knowledge on some of this.

No worries.  We'll take things one step at a time...

> 1)  Can you tell me what upstream host I should be using?

idd.cise-nsf.gov is the correct upstream host.  The entries I see in the
LDM log file on idd.cise-nsf.gov indicate that it has an appropriate
ALLOW for your machine, Titan.HPC.MsState.Edu, for both NEXRAD2 and
CONDUIT.  Those same entries show that the RUC2 CONDUIT data should
be flowing to Titan.  The comments in my previous email were my attempt
to convey the fact that we could tell if the CONDUIT data was flowing
to Titan in two different ways:

- if Titan were reporting real time stats, we would have an entry for
  it in our real time statistics web pages.  From there anyone
  could see how much data is actually flowing in each datastream
  being requested

- if we could contact the LDM on Titan, we could watch the products
  being received and verify that the RUC2 CONDUIT data is or is
  not being received

> 2)
> It does seem to me that we have the allow line enabled and I can't see
> where we are requesting redundant data.

Hmm...  is it possible that you first had a ".*" request for CONDUIT and
then changed it to "RUC2"?  If so, it is likely that the entries I saw
were made during the transition.  If not, I am at a loss for why
both would be shown.

> I will attach my .conf file and maybe that will help.

Very good...

I just looked at your ldmd.conf file, and it looks good.


- you should be receiving the RUC2 data from CONDUIT.  To verify if
  you are, please run the following as the user 'ldm':

notifyme -vl- -f CONDUIT -o 3600

  Let this run for awhile and see if there is or is not a listing of
  lots of products received.

- your LDM _is_ configured to send us real time stats (the EXEC line for
  rtstats near the top).  Since we are not receiving stats from you, it
  suggests that there is a firewall rule somewhere at MsState that is
  preventing the stats from being sent to us (our firewall is open for
  all real time stats reports from machines participating in the IDD).

  Can you check your firewall (or get in touch with your network people)
  and get this enabled?

> Thanks a lot for the help.

No worries.


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