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[IDD #UUK-983031]: help needed

Hi Heath,

re: what is the WMO bulletin that is likely to contain the Slidell, LA raob 
> 1).  I will wait for your response on this

After our last exchange last week, I found Slidell, LA raob (KLIX, 72233) raob
reports in USUS90 bulletins; this could be used to limit data requested:

request IDS|DDPLUS "USUS90" <upstream_host_name>

As I noted previously, this will not result in getting only the Slidell raob

> 2).  titan.hpc.msstate.edu -    This machine is receiving
> other data from idd.cise-nsf.gov.  just not the RUC2 data.  reverse DNS
> is setup.

I just looked through the LDM log file on idd.cise-nsf.gov and see that it 
should be sending all CONDUIT data to  Titan.HPC.MsState.Edu:

Jun  5 06:30:28 toomuch Titan.HPC.MsState.Edu(feed)[7005] NOTE: topo:  
Titan.HPC.MsState.Edu {{NEXRAD2, (.*)}}
Jun  5 06:30:28 toomuch Titan.HPC.MsState.Edu(feed)[7006] NOTE: Starting 
Up(6.8.0/6): 20100605092848.719 TS_ENDT {{CONDUIT,  
"RUC2"}},SIG=2ec17caa0726c2c7f5412880849952d0, Primary
Jun  5 06:30:28 toomuch Titan.HPC.MsState.Edu(feed)[7006] NOTE: topo:  
Titan.HPC.MsState.Edu {{CONDUIT, (.*)}}

It appears that you have two separate requests for CONDUIT data, RUC2 and .*
Given the request for all CONDUIT data, the RUC2 request is redundant and 
should be

I then wanted to see if, in fact, Titan is receiving the data, but I was unable 
since it is not sending real time statistics back to us (or the stats are being
reported under a name other than Titan.HPC.MsState.Edu which is unlikely).


- are you trying to report real time stats back to us?

- if not, why?

  Being able to see what a site is receiving is a great help in troubleshooting
  data reception problems.

- if yes and if your ~ldm/etc/ldmd.conf file has an uncommented EXEC line for
  real time stats reporting, it is either being blocked, or there is some other 

The other thing I notice is that we are unable to contact Titan using 'ldmping'
or 'notifyme'.  This indicates either that the ALLOW for all unidata.ucar.edu
machines in ~ldm/etc/ldmd.conf has been commented out, or the firewall
at MsState is configure to not allow incoming requests on port 388.

It would be most helpful if reporting of real time status were enabled
and we were allowed to contact your LDM from LDMs in our domain.  I say
this because I believe that you are, in fact, getting the CONDUIT data
but you are not processing it.  We would know immediately if this was
the case if either/both of stats reporting or ALLOWs for us were enabled.


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