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[IDD #UUK-983031]: help needed

Hi Heath,

re: unidata.ucar.edu LDM access to Titan.HPC.MsState.Edu

> I will check with our network folks on opening port 388 to
> idd.cise-nsf.conf.


> I have added the following line to my .conf  file.
> REQUEST IDS|DDPLUS "USUS90" idd.cise-nsf.conf

OK, that should get you the subset of the data that contains the Slidell, LA

> the notify statement does return data , but i don't see anything written
> to my data director.

There are two parts to use of the LDM:

- requesting and getting data (and possibly relaying it along)

- doing something with the data when you receive it

Apparently, you do not have a pattern-action file action to do anything
with the CONDUIT RUC2 data you are receiving.


- what is your objective (e.g., file each GRIB2 message individually)?


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