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[IDD #MXE-616655]: LDM not available on castor.rcac.purdue.edu

Hi Patrick,

Back on September 3, 2009 we received the following notification from
you regarding the replacement of castor.itap.purdue.edu with

> I've got the first of two new L2 servers set up at Purdue which will 
> replace the old systems, and as a part of the change, they will get new 
> names.

> Anyone who was using the name castor.itap.purdue.edu should start using 
> castor.rcac.purdue.edu as soon as possible.  pollux.itap.purdue.edu will 
> be replaced soon, but not until after I can turn off castor.itap, which 
> I plan to do in two weeks time.  Please let me know when you have 
> switched, and if there are any problems.

> If you are instead using a *.weather.purdue.edu name, those will 
> automatically be changed to point at the new servers.

We just noticed that the LDM request to castor.rcac.purdue.edu started
failing on or about February 20, 2010.  We found, however, that we
can REQUEST NEXRAD2 data from the old address, castor.itap.purdue.edu.


- did we miss a notification of the name reverting to the old/original one?

Thanks in advance!


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