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[IDD #SEF-720351]: Question About Level II Data for Non-Profit

Hi Andrew,

> I apologize ahead of time if I have asked this question in the wrong forum
> or to the wrong group. I am currently running a hobby project which uses
> the Google Web Toolkit and GEMPAK to create a simulated AWIPS interactive
> website system for viewing meteorological products. The site is designed
> for use by anyone, public or private and of course the Unidata community.

This sounds like a fun project.

> Since this project is a spare time endeavor and offered free of charge,
> I am finding it difficult to justify the expense for a full Level II feed
> to render single site radar data for the project. I am using Level III
> data but I know my users could greatly benefit from the better quality
> Level II offers.

If you are trying to emulate an AWIPS installation, then you should
know that the Level II products are not (currently) part of the set
available routinely at WFOs.  Also, display of Level II data was added
to GEMPAK/NAWIPS by Unidata (Steve Chiswell) for the benefit of the
Unidata community of GEMPAK users.

> Are there any sites which could provide me portions of a Level II
> feed over LDM or some other method? I could divide up the radars into
> seperate requests to keep bandwidth overhead down at any one site if
> that is preferred.

There may be a Unidata university that is willing to provide you
some fraction of the Level II datastream vi LDM/IDD.  Two questions
come to mind in regards to this:

- do you have the bandwidth needed to ingest a sizable portion of the
  Level II datastream?

- where are you located?

  Your location will help us come up with a list of sites to contact on
  your behalf.


- There is no guarantee that a Unidata community member will be willing
  to feed you the Level II data.
- There may be some quid-pro-quo required by a site willing to feed
  you the data you are looking for.

- We (Unidata Program Center) will play no part in the arrangement you
  may make with a Unidata community member for a feed.

> Again, I'm strictly seeking guidance and I appreciate your time.

Please let us know the answers to the questions posed above and if
you would like us to see if there are any community members that would
be willing to feed you.


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