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[IDD #TAK-151063]: Feedsite request -- lightning data

> Hi Jeff and Tom,
> Thanks a lot for the help so far.  Sorry this is so back-and-forth!  I have
> asked the network admin if a firewall is set up, and she has told me that
> there is, in fact, a firewall that would prevent you from "pinging" my
> computer.  You say that this is specific to port 388, though, and I will ask
> her about the details of this.
> I will put this on hold until Monday, when hopefully I can speak with her at
> length about the issue.  Thanks for your time, and I will be in touch soon.
> -- Baird Langenbrunner

Hi Baird, 

The utility "ldmping" is not the same as "ping" in that ldmping (an LDM 
will come across port 388 in TCP/IP in the same manner as LDM data products, so 
it has the same requirements as the LDM for access [TCP/IP port 388 for unidata 
and your upstream feed host at U of Albany(we will get you that machine name 
and IP)]

Yes, esupport can be trying going back and forth, thanks for hanging in there, 
get this done ;)

Have a good weekend,


Jeff Weber
Unidata User Support

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