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[IDD #TAK-151063]: Feedsite request -- lightning data

Hi Baird,

A quick addition to Jeff's last note:

We are not able to contact the LDM on your machine using 'ldmping' either
by name (mm-108-langenbrunner.brown.edu) or by IP (  FYI:
the LDM utility 'ldmping' does not use the 'ping' protocol.  It sends its
own request to port 388 on the machine that is being tested, so one must
insure that one's firewall(s) is(are) configured to allow inbound TCP traffic
on port 388.

Can you contact your system/network administrator and ask him/her to
verify that your firewall(s) are open for inbound TCP traffic on
port 388?  Thanks!

One other thing that I noticed in an earlier email from you:  You seem
to be running MacOS-X 10.5; is this correct?  If yes, you should be
aware that there are known issues with versions of MacOS-X newer than
10.4.  We have been working with Apple try and pin point the problem
in MacOS-X, but we have not yet been successful.  The symptom of the
problem on MacOS-X 10.5+ is that data will flow to the downstream for
some amount of time (typically a day or so).  After that, the flow of
data will dwindle to a trickle and eventually stop.  The flow is
returned to normal by restarting the LDM ('ldmadmin restart'), so
one can setup cron to restart the LDM every day.  Again, we are working
with Apple to identify the problem in MacOS-X so they can fix it.


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