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[IDD #UVG-959396]: LDM Inquiry

> Hi Russ,
> I am working as a contractor to support Weather Information Management
> System (WIMS) for Forest Service.  My client referred to me LDM and was
> thinking this might be a potential alternative for the system.
> Our need is to connect between Forest Service and Bureau of Land
> Management (BLM) to ingest the Remote Automated Weather Station (RAWS)
> data and between the Oracle database in Forest Service and National
> Weather Service to ingest the weather forecast data.  Right now we have
> different ways to transfer the data, and we are looking for a better
> solution.
> If you can help us to understand more how your products can meet our
> requirements, that would be great.  Thanks.
> Richard C. Huang
> Innovative System Solutions Corporation
> 1601 North Kent Street, Suite 1000, Arlington, VA 22209
> address@hidden (703) 527-2009x802 (O), (703) 399-1490 (M)
Hello Richard, 

The Local Data Manager (LDM) is an event driven data delivery package that 
utilizes a network for data distribution using TCP/IP.

What does this mean for you? Any data collection platform (RAWS) can gather the 
observations. IF the platform has some hardware and network connectivity, it 
can run an LDM (*nix OS required). Once the data is in the LDM's queue it can 
be re-sent to any authorized LDM that is also connected to the network. IF the 
RAWS are not connected, once the data is gathered from the RAWS it can be 
inserted into an LDM queue at a site running the LDM to make the data available 
to all authorized and interested parties. All NCEP model output, NWS radars, 
GOES satellite, global surface obs, and more are currently available via the 

We can provide further, more specific support as needed. The NWS used the LDM 
operationally for distributing radar data and products, as well as many other 
organizations. It works well for timely data sharing.

We look forward to working with you.

Jeff Weber
Unidata User Support

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