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[IDD #TAK-151063]: Feedsite request -- lightning data

> Hi Jeff,
> Thanks again for your help.  I didn't get the reply from David (I think
> something went awry with the initial cc).  I'm happy to email him with my
> info if this would help.  Also, I think I've resolved the IP issue; the Geo
> computer administrator has helped me set up an IP, and the info is:
> IP address =
> DNS server =  --  geo.brown.edu
> feedtype = LIGHTNING  (or)  FT14
> Also, I do plan to use LDM in the Mac environment, but it's unix, so
> hopefully it won't be a huge problem?  I have already installed LDM from
> source, and I think it was successful.
> One last question:  you mention that it's a 'push' system, and I'm worried
> there may be problems with firewalls set up within the Brown Geo server.
> Will I be able to initiate the data retrieval, being the receiver?
> Thanks,
> Baird
Hi Baird, 

Yes, David indicated that the host MUST resolve to a .edu domain. You initiate 
the transaction by having your requested feedtype and upstream feed host 
configured in your ldmd.conf file, and as long as the LDM is running, you will 
continue to get data as you have requested and the data becomes available. The 
LDM needs to have port 388 open for TCP/IP access to our set of machines 
*.unidata.ucar.edu and any systems that you request data from. Let us know when 
your LDM is up and running and we will do an "ldmping" to see if we see you :)

Jeff Weber
Unidata User Support

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