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[LDM #YSM-719829]: satellite data in netCDF format

Hi Antti,

> we are receiving some satellite products here at the University of
> Hawaii via LDM, but they are all in AREA format.  I read through the
> LDM feed types list, but didn't find any satellite data in netCDF
> format.
> Is this correct that all the satellite products are images or in AREA
> format?

All of the images distributed in the IDD UNIWISC data feed are in
a special PNG-compressed AREA format.  The images in the IDD NIMAGE
data feed are Z-lib-compressed GINI format.  There are currently
no images in any IDD datastream that are in netCDF format.

Just so you know:

- McIDAS can convert the PNG-compressed images in AREA format and
  Zlib-compressed images in GINI format to netCDF format.

  If you are interested in pursuing this, you will need to download
  and install McIDAS and then implement the conversion procedure.

- I believe that McIDAS is installed on at least one machine
  in the Meteorology department of SOEST, so the job of doing
  the format conversion might be greatly simplified


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