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[IDD #VDK-486363]: Acessing oceanographic data

Hi Paulo,

> First of all, the service Unidata does is very important and I wish to
> express my gratitude.

Thank you for the kind words!
> I would like to access oceanographic data from WMO (BUOY, BATHY, TESAC,
> Suggestions regarding available oceanographic data that I can download
> via LDM will be greatly appreciated.

Global ship, synop, and buoy data are available in the IDS|DDPLUS datastream
of the IDD.  I am not sure if BATHY, TESAC, WAVEOB and TRACKOB data are
similarly available, but it may be.  It is possible that the BATHY, etc.
data are available from an OPeNDAP server somewhere if then are not in the
IDS|DDPLUS or HRS data feeds.

> The idea is to process and redistribute these data for the South
> Atlantic for scientific use only.

This sounds good.  We have been interested in USP taking a more active role
in the use of Unidata tools like the LDM/IDD in support of the exciting
research and educational work being done there (we have good relations
with the IAG departments via Pedro Dias, Maria Assuncao, Richardo Carmago,
and others).  We are also always interested in efforts directed at free
and open sharing of data, especially in universities.

> Following your instructions:
> * Site Name: GOOS-Brasil
> * Site Administrator: Olga T. Sato / Paulo S. Polito
> * Email Address: address@hidden / address@hidden
> * Phone Number: 55-11-3091-6575
> * Fully Qualified Hostname: taurus.io.usp.br
> * Desired Feeds: WMO

Thank you for this information.  We have initially setup idd.unidata.ucar.edu
to allow you request these feeds (WMO is a composite feedtype; it is the
sum of the IDS|DDPLUS feed and the HRS feed).  At some point in the future,
we may ask you to switch your data request(s) to a machine we operate in
the eastern U.S.

> Thank you,

No worries.


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