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[IDD #QTY-167283]: data feed

Hi Bobby,

> thanks for all your help,

No worries.

> i'll look into the dish!!

There are a number of people in the community that have setup their
own NOAAPort ingest sites, so there are folks out there who can
quickly advise you on the cheapest/best way to move forward. One
thing that a number of folks have run into is ordinances (HOA, etc.)
that prohibit installation of a satellite dish in a residential
neighborhood.  Satellite TV dishes do not seem to be much of a
concern because they are so small.  C-band dishes that are large enough
to receive the NOAAPort broadcast with a minimum of errors (again
greater than or equal to 10 feet; a 3.4/3.8 meter dish is pretty
typical) cause some folks to oppose their installations.

> you know that goverment and other places would be nicer to somebody
> that as a inrest in meteorlogy!!!

I am not sure I understand this comment.  The data is freely available.
All one has to do is provide their own Internet connection that is
sufficiently fast for the data they want to ingest and work with a
Unidata university to provide the feed via the LDM/IDD, or install a NOAAPort
satellite reception system.


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