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[IDD #JZB-166968]: Change LDM Feed

> TVA no longer needs an LDM feed to IP address  The LDM software 
> was moved to a faster server at IP address  Please authorize 
> this new IP address to receive LDM images.  Thanks
> Mike
> Michael P. McGee
> Tennessee Valley Authority
> WT 5D - 462
> 400 West Summit Hill Drive
> Knoxville, TN  37902
> Phone: (865) 632-2134  Fax: (865) 632-4212
> email: address@hidden

Hi Michael, 

IP's that start with "10" are generally "unresolvable" to external hosts, and 
are used for internal networks.

We are more than happy to change the feed to another machine, BUT the LDM needs 
to be able to resolve the host from the IP, and from the current IP of: cannot resolve.

Can you give the machine a resolvable IP (hostname)for external machines?

Once we have that we will be good to go! 


Jeff Weber
Unidata User Support

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Ticket ID: JZB-166968
Department: Support IDD
Priority: Normal
Status: Open