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[IDD #XQD-892779]: can't get data

Hi Jinn-Hwei,

> We are running ldm-6.6.5 on Solaris10 system. Our IP address
> is  :
> We have trouble to get data since Nov 10.

What are the entries in your LDM log file, ~ldm/logs/ldmd.log?

Also, please send us the fully qualified name(s) of the upstream
site(s) you are trying to feed from.

> The following data are the one that we have been using for a while:
> ncwf6/grib/
> 120min_fcst/   1hrcov/        300min_fcst/   3hrcov/        NCWD2/
> 120min_fetop/  240min_fcst/   300min_fetop/  60min_fcst/    OETOP/
> 180min_fcst/   240min_fetop/  360min_fcst/   60min_fetop/
> 180min_fetop/  2hrcov/        360min_fetop/  msktops/

This information is not much use without knowing:

- what site(s) you are trying to feed from
- what datastream(s) you are trying to get
- if there are error messages in your LDM log file, ~ldm/logs/ldmd.log
- how you are trying to process the data when it is received

If the reason you are not getting or processing data is not apparent
from ~ldm/logs/ldmd.log entries, please send us your LDM configuration
file (~ldm/etc/ldmd.conf) and the 'pqact' pattern-action file that
you are using to process the data (typically ~ldm/etc/pqact.conf).

> Thank for your help.

No worries.


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