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[IDD #ZIL-446337]: aliased domain names

> Jeff,
> Thanks for the tips.  Let's just go ahead and switch all foehn entries
> to sundowner.  I believe the only one outside of the Antarctic-IDD is
> rainbow.al.noaa.gov and any Unidata entries.  I am guessing your records
> can verify or correct this easily.  By going the virtual interface we'd
> need to request another hole on the CU firewall as well as remembering
> the duel identity.  My guess is that it just easier to make these
> changes as sundowner is likely to be stable and the LDM machine for years.
> Let me know if you have any other questions regarding this changeover.
> Thanks
> Mark
Hi Mark, 

From our stats I am only seeing an EXP feed from:


..which is the Antarctic feed

to foehn..which we are enjoying one of today (a foehn)

We do have access to "rainbow" are you feeding them the Antarctic data, 
if so we will need to change that ldmd.conf file...Our stats do not show
"rainbow" feeding from you.

We encourage LDM admins to post an e-mail to all upstream and downstream
LDM nodes (and Unidata) of your system during a name change of an LDM host. 
Please check your ldmd.conf file and see who is in there and let them know of 
the change, you can use this sitelist for contact info:


..it is as up to date as possible, please let us know if you find a new or dead 

We have both foehn and sundowner "allowed" from our cluster 
(idd.unidata.ucar.edu), but it does not appear as if that is currently 
needed..just an fyi :) 


Jeff Weber
Unidata User Support

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