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[IDD #ZIL-446337]: aliased domain names

> We are in the process of moving our LDM software from an older machine
> to a new system.  The old machine was named foehn.colorado.edu.  This
> name has been removed and it is only being used as an domain name alias.
> The new system is named sundowner.colorado.edu.  foehn is aliased to
> sundowner to make the transition transparent to the outside world for
> the web server and other web activities.

Sounds good..

> -Will the alias of foehn work with LDM in the ldmd.conf files?  If so,
> how can I set it to do so.

As long as the alias is returned using a DNS nslookup (both forward and 
reverse) with the IP, no problems should arise.

> -If it cannot, could you provide me the current contact information for:
> rainbow.al.noaa.gog

Sure, we also have a logon to that machine so we can take a peek if you are 
encountering difficulties.

..or you can contact:

Eirh-Yu Hsie    hsie|a_t-s_i_g_n|al.noaa.gov

..but we are happy to work on it with you :)

> They were previously designated as our upstream host for the North
> American IDD feeds and I then need to contact them to change the ALLOW
> from foehn to sundowner.

alias ~should work, if not, we will place sundowner in the ALLOW.


Jeff Weber
Unidata User Support

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