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[IDD #YBL-590844]: Request to connect to NCEP as a top-tier site

Hi Art,

> The recent CONDUIT data outage at Unidata has brought to our attention the
> need for our IDD relay cluster to be connecting to NCEP as a top-tier
> site.  Our LDM relay is a 2-director/3-realserver relay-only HA cluster
> operating as a top-tier relay.  However, our connection for CONDUIT is at
> a second-tier level with no backup.  Given our role as an LDM-relay and
> the significant needs of our department for 24x7 operation, we are
> requesting a top-tier level connection to the NCEP LDM.

We agree completely with your view!  In fact, Mike Schmidt and I were talking
about this at length this morning in our post-mortem of what happened this
past weekend.

> We, of course,
> would be willing to provide additional relay services to sites that have
> need as directed by Unidata.

Very good.

> Please let me know if we can proceed with this change and what steps are
> necessary to implement it.

First, a few questions:

- how large is the LDM queue on your real servers

- can we (UPC _and_ NSF/ATM) feed CONDUIT from you continuously

- are you willing to open allows for .edu, .gov, and .mil sites and provide
  allows for .com sites on a per-site basis (the .gov and .mil allows will
  likely not be used much, but...)

- what is the fully qualified name and IP address of a single ingest machine
  at Penn State that would be allowed by the NSF/WOC to feed the full
  CONDUIT stream

Just so you know the mechanics of making a change:  we need to contact
NSF/WOC about removing their allow for idd.cise-nsf.gov and switching to a
single ingest machine at Penn State... they will only allow 4 downstreams 
in total.  The three sites that will remain as toplevel IDD nodes for CONDUIT

UPC:  idd.unidata.ucar.edu
UW:   idd.aos.wisc.edu
UIUC: flood.atmos.uiuc.edu


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